About HNUE

Hanoi National University of Education (HNUE), founded in 1951, is a premier tertiary institution in Vietnam. The mission of HNUE is to train high-quality human resources; to conduct research on pure sciences, educational and applied sciences at advanced level; to provide services on education, science and technology for the country’s industrialization, modernization and international integration.

HNUE's Campus

HNUE is proud to host an annual contingent of academic talents whose outstanding scientific achievements have been honored not only domestically but also regionally and worldwide. At all times, the university endeavors to maintain its long-standing tradition of quality in academics and research. Specifically, its Faculty of Biology has the time-honored tradition of achieving substantial acclaims in academics and research nationwide.

The university preserves and will develop its reputation further, keeping its position as the leading teacher education university as well as research academy in Vietnam.
Website: www.hnue.edu.vn 
International Cooperation Office: http://htqt.hnue.edu.vn