Media Information

For all media enquiries, please contact the IBO 2016 Secretariat.  Please state the media organization you represent and information and/or resources required.  Relevant information may be available in the Latest News section.

Full name of event

27th International Biology Olympiad, Hanoi, Vietnam 2016.  This may be shortened to the 27th IBO in subsequent usage.

Abbreviated name of event and Usage

When referring to the event, IBO 2016 Vietnam is preferred.  If making repeated reference to the event in the same write-up or report, it is acceptable to subsequently use IBO 2016.  The abbreviated name is used when referring to constituent or associated entities, such as IBO 2016 Organizing CommitteeIBO 2016 LogoIBO 2016 Participants, or IBO 2016 Jury Members.

IBO 2016 Logo

A description of the IBO 2016 logo can be found here.

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