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The ibo2016 logo

About IBO 2016 Logo

The IBO 2016 Logo is designed to represent the underlying meanings of the International Biology Olympiad and showcase the spirit of the host country. The Science of Biology is highlighted with the DNA structure intentionally placed in the logo’s centre.

Vietnam’s traditional values are honored by the lotus-like body frame and flamingo-flying shaped national flag on top of the logo (The flamingo, engraved on a 2000-year-old bronze drum, is another symbol of Vietnam).

Specifically, a lotus – Vietnam’s national flower – appears as the body frame of the logo to symbolize the divine beauty while the ascending flamingo design of the national flag tells the story of strong-willed people confronting challenges and striving for the pinnacle of intelligence. The logo’s colors express a desire for the sustainable development of the world.

 About IBO 2016 Mascot

  Photo by T. Nadler

Delacour’s langur,Trachypithecus delacouri (Osgood, 1932), is a leaf monkey endemic to Vietnam. Adult langurs possess black and white pelage while the young are born with a lovely bright orange. Its population, currently reported as up to 200 individuals in northern Vietnam, is alarmingly declining.


Described as Critically Endangered in IUCN Red List in 2013, Delacour’s langur is one of the world’s most endangered primates. This species is strictly protected by various international organizations and by Vietnamese Government as an invaluable part of the country's precious national heritage.