ibo 2016
Bio Video Competition

Participate in the Bio Video Competition! You and your team will have a chance to win a prize in the IBO 2016 closing ceremony in Hanoi, Vietnam. Moreover, you can get your voice and ideas heard by all over the world.

So after your National Olympiad selection round, grab your video-recording gears and start filming! Show your national IBO participants, and visualize and share your ideas about IBO.

 1. Topic of the video: "Stay cool - Young biologists fight climate change

The video should focus on team's vision about actions of young biologists fighting climate change. The competition is looking for creative and innovative ideas. Humor is welcome; and after all you want your ideas to be watched.

You can possibly:

§   Show the link between IBO and youth actions fighting climate change.

§   Show how parts of the National Biology Olympiad are carried out in your country.

§   Show how your national team prepares for the International Biology Olympiad.

(You can look at the previous years films on the IBO website: Photo & video)

Please avoid explicit mention of any textbooks.

2. Duration of the video

Maximum 4 minutes

3. Language

English (or with English subtitles, see http://universalsubtitles.org)

4. Deadline

July 1st 2016 at midnight (Universal Time).

Your video should be available on-line (on YouTube) at the latest on July 1st 2016. Please submit the link (URL) of your video to IBO webmaster: gerard.cobut@naturalsciences.be and ibo2016@hnue.edu.vn

5. Prize

The winning team will be eligible for a prize of € 250 for purchasing science textbooks, donated by the IBO Coordinating Center. The winning team will be called on stage during closing ceremony and the film will be presented. If the corresponding filmmakers were competitors in the National Olympiad but not selected for the IBO team, the prize will be given to the delegation. The decision of prize distribution will be up to the delegation coordinator.

6. Adjudication

§  First round: before IBO 2016, the coordinators of the participating countries will select five films according to the competition aims (cf. 1).

§  During the IBO week, the students will select the winning film from those five.

Jury decision is final. Only one film per country is accepted. If there are less than 3 participant videos, the prize will not be awarded.

7. Copyright

Participants in the video competition transfer the copyright of their film to IBO, allowing the film to be used for promotional purposes for National and International Biology Olympiads.
Please make sure that submitted videos do not infringe copyrights, see: 

8. Technical aspects

§  Please make sure your film can be viewed in full screen mode: see compression guidelines on http://www.vimeo.com/help/compression.

§  The name of your country has to be mentioned in the beginning of the film.

§  Your team coordinator should bring a copy of the film to IBO 2016 in (please use a common/classic format).


Download instruction here