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About vietnam

Shaped like an elongated S, Vietnam stretches the length of Indochina peninsula and covers a surface area of 329,314 square kilometers. The country borders China to the North, Laos and Cambodia to the West. Once a traditionally-agricultural country covered with captivating natural beauty and tranquil village life, our country has dynamically bloomed in every aspect from economy to culture, and known as one of the fastest developing countries in the region. 

Geographically, there are three regions in Vietnam: the North, the Central and the South. The North is known for its alpine peals, the Red River Delta, and famous places such as enchanting World Heritage site Halong Bay, Hung Kinh Temple, and especially, the one-thousand-year capital city – Hanoi. The Central Vietnam, which is characterized by high temperate plateaus, is famous for the ancient imperial city of Hue; the ancient town Hoi An; Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex; and the world largest cave - Son Doong. Heading to the South, visitors are appealed to modern life of Ho Chi Minh city (formerly Sai Gon) and the fertile alluvial dental of the Mekong River as well as famous tourist attractions such as Cu Chi tunnels, Phu Quoc island, Mui Ne beach, etc.

Vietnam has a population of more than 90 millions and 54 minority groups, among which Kinh (Viet) ethnic group makes up more than 85%. Buddhism and Catholicism are the two major religions along with others such as Hoa Hao or Cao Dai.

Being the official member of various international organizations, including the UN, ASEAN, ARF, ASEM, APEC, WTI, etc, Vietnam has earned significant respects and trust to host a number of outstanding inter-nation events, namely the 48th International Mathematics Olympiad in 2007, the 39th International Physics Olympiad in 2008, the 46th International Chemistry Olympiad in 2014, and especially the 27th International Biology Olympiad in 2016.

Warmly welcome all of you to our beautiful country on the very occasion of the 27th International Biology Olympiad in July, 2016!